IVF Cost

IVF cost average may vary due to many factors. Besides the fertility clinics and fertility doctors’ costs; there will be third parties such as pharmacies, genetic labs, etc. which will affect the total cost of the IVF treatment. And also there may be additional clinic fees like genetic testing of embryos, mock embryo transfer (it’s done as a trial), and/or cryostorage fees for embryos you wish to preserve. 

As each patient is unique the treatment will be unique as well. So it’s a must to contact the clinic for a total budget, share all the details of your planned treatment, and ask how it will affect the IVF costs. 

What Can Impact the IVF Cost?

The most important factor that impacts Ivf’s cost is the success of the transfer. There is no way to know how IVF will go for you, therefore individuals may need to go through several cycles of IVF. Though most of the clinics offer discounts on the second and third cycle this is the most pricing case effects on IVF costs. 

There are lots of factors affecting the success of IVF treatment such as: 

  • The quantity and quality of the eggs/embryo and sperm; 
  • The timing of ovulation 
  • Finally, the right conditions to occur for implantation. (uterine lining thickness) 

Including all these, the age of the individual is also an impact on success. The success rate declines around the 40’s cause there will be more rapid loss on the endowment of eggs as the women get older. 

Some of the studies show that smoking cigarettes during an IVF cycle may lower the chance of having a baby. Even staying in a smoking area can decrease the chance of getting pregnant and can affect IVF outcomes in a negative fashion. Smoking can both negatively affect eggs/embryos and sperm quality & quantity. 

How Can I Reduce my IVF costs?

Medical Tourism for IVF is a chance to reduce IVF costs. Ivf cost in Turkey may be much more affordable than your country with full package prices. There are lots of benefits of taking your IVF treatment in Turkey. Most of all Turkey is one of the most important destinations where you can achieve the latest technology in fully equipped clinics. 

Making the costs slightly more affordable for IVF it’s important to read your insurance plan carefully. While insurance doesn’t always cover IVF costs, your insurance may cover part of your expenses like monitoring or some part of the medications. These are very important to decrease the budget. 

Starting to save money before you consider starting an IVF treatment may help you. Health savings makes the treatment more affordable as you will have a ready budget to use. And also will help you to search for the best treatment that fits your budget. 

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